Colac & Geelong phone cable services & voice cabling for Australian businesses

Phone cabling services for all businesses

StevCom has been a Telstra business partner for more than 25 years and has clients across Australia. We provide businesses in Victoria and interstate with the full range of Telstra voice carriage, voice cabling and phone cable services, all from the Colac and Geelong region of Victoria. With our years of experience, we understand the past, the current day and have an in-depth understanding of what the future holds. We can help your business adapt to with the changing world in which we live and work. From providing NBN installations in Geelong to working close to home preparing for an ISDN exit in Colac district or assisting an interstate customer with Telstra business SIP, StevCom has the solutions clients are looking for.

It’s no secret businesses can struggle with telecommunications systems and are often left frustrated and dissatisfied. Communications services are a job best left to the experts. Let our Colac and Geelong voice cabling team demystify and simply the process and keep you working through the changes that go hand in hand with the 21st century.

Customising a voice cabling service to suit your business

Our team works to build solution that is right for you business. Using our vast knowledge we remove the cookie-cutter approach and focus on finding a solution specifically tailored for your organisation and its unique requirements.

Future-ready phone cabling

Our approach to solution design is always future focused. Not only do we bring your organisation’s voice cabling services into the modern era, we investigate and assess the looming changes in the industry and work to ensure we have future-proofed your business so it can accommodate changes that are yet to arrive. Our Geelong and Colac phone cabling service technicians will ensure you’re ahead of the field and not left lagging behind.


Solutions should be reliable and simple. We work to help you to remove communications complications. Our goal is to ensure you fully understand what you have, what you need and what you are paying for. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Please contact StevCom to find out more about our voice cabling services in Geelong and Colac and our other communications and data services. From NBN installations to ISDN exit strategies, we’re here to help you achieve better communications, improved security and streamlined practices that save money and increase productivity.

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