Colac & Geelong ISDN Exit Services for Australian businesses

The ISDN network is closing. Thousands of customers need to move off the network in anticipation of the National Broadband Network rollout, and StevCom’s Colac and Geelong NBN installations and migrations team work with businesses across the country to help with your departure from ISDN.

In September 2016, Telstra announced its decision to stop selling ISDN products and other special services, including DDS Fastway, Megalink and Frame Relay, from June 2018. The demise of these services is due to the nationwide rollout of the NBN and the incompatibility of these now-redundant products with the new technology.

ISDN Exit deadline

Telstra’s anticipated final ISDN disconnection will take place in 2022 – but businesses could begin losing services as early as 2019 depending on their location.

What does this mean to you?

If you currently have an ISDN2, ISDN2 Enhanced or ISDN10/20/30, you will need to have signed up for a new product before the scheduled disconnection in your area.

Telstra has a range of VoIP products to replace your existing ISDN service and StevCom’s Geelong and Colac Telstra Business SIP services team will recommend, provide and install the most appropriate products and services for your requirements.

The StevCom team is trained in new products and also understands the current ISDN network, which makes us a key organisation to support you and your business through the transition.

We work to review and understand your current environment before designing a solution to get you off the ISDN network. We understand that every business is different and uses the ISDN network indifferent ways. Solutions need to be carefully considered to ensure the smallest details are captured before making any changes. The goal of our ISDN Exit Services is to ensure the least disruption possible for your business.

As well as designing a solution for your business we are also happy to advise you of the financial affect the changes might have, and offer solutions that might better suit your budget.

We have a whole-of-business approach to solution design and an expansive range of data, communications and security services services and products. Please contact StevCom to find out how our Geelong and Colac ISDN Exit team can help your business.

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