Colac & Geelong Telstra Business SIP services for Australian businesses

There are many options when moving to Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP and IP voice, however StevCom’s Colac and Geelong Telstra Business SIP® services simplify the choices for Australian businesses, providing cost-effective voice over the internet.

With Telstra’s Session Initiation Protocol – SIP – there’s no need for a dedicated private IP network, and you can use any internet provider or access type. You can keep your existing Telstra-approved phone system – including your current phone numbers. StevCom’s Telstra Business SIP® services complement the business phone systems our Colac and Geelong teams recommend and install throughout Victoria and interstate.

Once StevCom has set up your Telstra Business SIP® services, you control everything. If you have an existing Telstra ISDN service, we can also manage when you migrate phone numbers. There’s an expansive range and choice of plans, devices and extras. StevCom will work with you to ensure you have the perfect package for your business needs.

StevCom are Telstra business dealers in Colac and Geelong regions and provide a full suite of add-ons including Business Continuity and the Mobility pack to make calls at home or on the go. Telstra Business SIP® provides three main calling plans and, with a wide range of Network Termination Units – NTU – and Analogue Telephone Adaptors – ATA – available, Telstra Business SIP® can be used with a SIP, ISDN2, ISDN10/20/30 or PSTN interface into your phone system.

Plan Name

Plan Details

Cost per Month

S No included call. All calls are usage-rated and billed. $22
M Includes: Unlimited Local and National Long Distance calling within Australia. $40
L Includes: Unlimited Local, National Long Distance and calls to Mobile within Australia. $60
Choose one plan type across all users. Available on a 12/24/36/48/60-month contract term.

How our Telstra Business SIP services works

  1. Your PABX and fixed phone lines are connected to the SIP Gateway delivering dedicated voice over internet.
  2. You can plug into any router.
  3. Use any access to connect to the network.
  4. This technology will interface into the Telstra Network providing calling capability.

Tailor the Telstra Business SIP®service to suit your needs

We’ll help you configure Telstra Business SIP® precisely to your organisation’s requirements. The service can be adapted for virtually any kind of industry or business type. Feel free to ask our team about:

  • EFTPOS connections
  • FAX connections
  • Online fax capability
  • MessageBank
  • Auto attendant
  • Individual numbers
  • Expert technical support, remotely or on-site

Why Telstra Business SIP® makes sense

Crisp, clear voice quality

The audio quality is as good, or better, than your existing ISDN or Telstra PSTN service. Customers and staff can enjoy uninterrupted calls and uninterrupted productivity.

Scalable and economical.

There are a variety of pricing plans starting from just two lines which can grow as your business does. The service can also be connected at multiple sites or branches across your organisation to meet your business needs.

Easy to install and manage

Our Geelong and Colac Telstra Business SIP® team can connect the service to your existing PABX. After that, you can take care of ongoing management via an intuitive self-service portal.

Fully nbn™ compatible

StevCom’s Telstra Business SIP® service ensures you are prepared for change and provides a future-ready replacement if you’re planning to move to the nbn™ network. Please contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from StevCom’s professional communications and data services.

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