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The CCTV security system installation providing effective security solutions for businesses

Safeguard your business from intruders or just gain a better understanding of what’s going on the inside or outside of your business, by getting a modern CCTV system installed by our team of security experts, you will have reassurance knowing you have access to any footage you may need. Our team of CCTV system installers based in Colac, have installed modern systems for many of our clients in the local area and across Australia.

Whether you currently have no CCTV security systems in place or are wanting to upgrade an older analog system, there are multiple options available for you that will provide comprehensive coverage, high-quality footage and an easy to use interface.

What type of CCTV system should you have installed?

There are three main options available to you when it comes to installing CCTV security systems, depending on your business’s needs and security requirements.

IP CCTV systems

An IP CCTV system is system where all camera involved are linked back to a centralised network, allowing you to control and view multiple camera simultaneously. This is a versatile system that caters to small businesses that need 2-3 camera, all the way up to large corporations or warehouses that need up to 64 cameras per server.

HD CCTV systems

These are cameras that provide high-quality 1080p footage and connect directly back to the DVR, this is perfect for business owners that want very clear footage in small areas, such as small stores etc.

Analog CCTV systems

While these systems are commonplace in many business, they are certainly outdated and don’t provide much value or quality for business owners looking for heightened security. Id you currently have an analog CCTV system, we would recommend you contact StevCom and talk to us about upgraded your CCTV camera system.

Our Colac-based CCTY system specialists are experienced in installing security systems for a range of applications for businesses both large and small across the country.

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