Access Control

Geelong & Colac access control system installations for Australian businesses

Modern businesses employ a range of technologies to keep unwanted online visitors out of their computer systems but at StevCom we’ve discovered that best practises online don’t always translate to best practise in the physical realm. When installing data cabling and phone cable services, our Geelong and Colac technicians often encounter companies that have implemented the most diligent measures to keep online intruders out of their networks but have paid little attention to what people can access from inside the business’s premises. Serious businesses today need to not only keep people out of their computer networks, they also need to restrict people’s movement within their organisations. StevCom’s access control system installations are the ideal method of controlling access in and around your premises.

Access control system installation benefits

Access control systems keep people out of areas where they have no right or need to be. Access control systems typically control people’s movement and/or access within a specific area. StevCom can set up an access control system to let certain people into areas based on their access permissions, with entry into specified areas normally via swipe card or fob being waved across a reader beside a door or gate.

The benefits of an access control installation by the Colac and Geelong StevCom team are numerous, for example:

  • You’ll know who has been where in your premises and when
  • You will be able to deny unauthorised people access to restricted areas within your premises
  • By removing their entry permission you won’t have to worry about former employees still having access to your premises
  • Access cards will ensure large teams of workers can easily enter and exit buildings
  • You’ll increase the safety of your building by making it harder for thieves to gain access
  • Access control systems can also be help with staff time and attendance record keeping.

Access control systems have varied applications. They also control pedestrian and driveway gates so they open and close a specified time and are also commonly coupled to an evacuation system. Businesses can have an emergency evacuation system activated by pressing a button that operates the access system. Depending on your requirements, the emergency access control system might involve opening gates to allow emergency services to enter or have workers exist an area. They can also ensure all staff members have exited safely.

If you’d like to know more about an access control system installation for your organisation, contact StevCom today. Our wide range of services includes security systems, business phone networks and structured data and optical fibre cabling for Geelong and Colac regions as well as clients across Victoria and interstate.

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