Alarm Systems

Colac & Geelong alarm system installations for Australian businesses

Whether it is your home or your business, alarm systems help protect your assets, and the alarm system installations team at StevCom will work with you to determine the most appropriate system for your premises. From a straightforward movement-activated alarm system through to something more complex such as an access control system installation, our Geelong and Colac technicians will deliver on time and on price throughout Victoria and interstate.

Standard alarm system installations

StevCom’s standard alarm system installations comprise fitting motion detectors in and around businesses and houses to detect movement. Once activated the motion detectors will trigger an alarm whenever they detect movement in a monitored area. While Passive Infrared – PIR – motion sensors are common in standard alarm system installations, the Geelong and Colac technicians with StevCom can provide information on other sensors such as microwave – MW – sensors, dual technology motion sensors which combine PIR and MW sensors, vibration sensors, ultrasonic sensors and area reflective sensors.

Contact motion sensors are common on windows and doors, with an alarm triggering if a door or window opens while the alarm system is activated. StevCom can also install smoke detectors, glass-break sensors and thermal sensors. Please ask if you have specific alarm requirements.

Clients have a choice of notifications when their alarm system activates. The most basic systems make a noise and/or flash lights which aim to frighten away intruders and attract assistance. Other systems can silently trigger a phone call to one or more people who can then attend the scene

With its alarm installations, StevCom ensures the system simultaneously monitors multiple sensors so the alarm reacts immediately whenever there is a problem.

StevCom chooses to use the trustworthy and reliable Bosch brand for its security alarm installations. Please contact StevCom and talk to us about the most appropriate security alarm installation for your premises, or for any of our wide range of voice, data and security services. From security alarms and CCTV systems, through to voice and phone cable services, our Geelong and Colac team will do the right job at the right price at a time that’s right for you.

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