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CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television – CCTV – has been around for years and StevCom’s Geelong and Colac alarm system installations team regularly carries out CCTV system installations in businesses and homes throughout Victoria and interstate. In the past a typical CCTV installation involved an analog-based system where cameras connected via coaxial cable back to a digital video recorder – DVR. These systems are still available but technology has evolved and moved on and most CCTV system installations today are much more high-tech and versatile than their predecessors. IP CCTV-based systems have become an affordable option, offering better picture quality and usually a better customer interface. There is also a HD-over-coaxial CCTV option which is the cheapest way to upgrade an old analog DVR to a system offering better quality images. Choosing a CCTV system installation using HD-over-COAX means there is no need to update cabling, which helps keep costs down.

Why install a CCTV system?

The most common reason for having a CCTV system installed is to improve security in and around a business or home. StevCom’s Geelong and Colac CCTV system installations team is also seeing an increase in CCTV systems being introduced for watching production lines and stock movement. Misplaced stock can be expensive and, by using CCTV, business owners can go back and see what has happened in their processes. CCTV is even used for staff training and to monitor vehicle movement around sites.

IP CCTV system installations

IP CCTV systems require cameras to be connected back to a either a Network Video Recorder – NVR – or to a Power over Ethernet – PoE – network switch via a Category 5 or greater cable. There are many different types of IP CCTV systems available but at StevCom our Geelong and Colac CCTV system installation technicians choose to use systems based on NUUO-brand components. There are numerous factors behind StevCom choosing NUUO but the main reason is NUUO’s ability to work with a range of different brand cameras. Whether it is Honeywell, Samsung or another vendor, NUUO will support that camera.

NUUO has three main platforms to choose from depending on the size of the IP CCTV system installation:

  • NUUO Solo: Suitable for homes through to small and medium businesses – up to 16 cameras
  • DAHUA: A cheaper alternative for home and small and medium businesses – up to 16 cameras
  • NUUO Main Console: For small and medium businesses through to large businesses – up to 64 cameras
  • DAHUA: A cheaper alternative for small and medium businesses through to large businesses – up to 32 cameras
  • NUUO Crystal: Large businesses through to enterprise-size businesses – 64 cameras per server

NUUO Crystal can run multiple servers on a single site. StevCom has a site that is currently running 187 cameras via three NUUO Crystal Servers. The management of the servers is via NUUO Crystal NuClient software which combines the resources of multiple servers to work as one.

HD CCTV system installations

HD CCTV systems are usually analog cameras with a megapixel rating. They will work over coaxial cable and connect directly back to the DVR. Some HD DVR systems are hybrids and allow for a mix of HD and IP cameras.

Analog CCTV system installations

Analog CCTV systems work over coaxial cabling and directly connect to a DVR. The cameras are normally based on TV Lines, with the highest being 1000 TVL. Analog CCTV systems are outdated and StevCom does not recommend them as a worthwhile option.

Please contact StevCom to find out how our CCTV system installations team can help improve your business or home security. From CCTV systems through to access control system installations, our Geelong and Colac technicians have the security solutions you require.


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